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100pcs Teeth Wipe Oral Brush Up Finger For Deep Cleaning Wipes Dental Tooth Oral Hygiene Teeth Whitening

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    Oral Hygiene Oral Brush Up Finger Brush Up No Sugar Dental Care Teeth Wipes Mint Flavor        
    Finger brush ups are designed to remove the film that builds up on tooth surfaces, This film may inhibit enamel permeability, We can use a brush up to remove this film before starting teeth whitening and use another one to get fresh sweet scented feeling after whitening.
    1, Open envelop and remove brush up, extend index finger.
    2, Slip brush up on index finger with longer sidetoward palm, shorter surface covering nail.
    3, Lightly scrub tooth surfaces with longer side of brush up.
    4, Remove brush up from finger and dispose of properly.

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